Discover Tranquility in the Mountains Collection

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[Linn Cove Viaduct (DMC8285-6)]
Linn Cove Viaduct
Digital ID: DMC8285-6
Normal Print Dimensions: 48" x 16.6"

[Frog Pond Above Bass Lake (DMC8345-6)]
Frog Pond Above Bass Lake
Digital ID: DMC8345-6
Normal Print Dimensions: 40" x 17.5"

[Bass Lake (DMC8365-6)]
Bass Lake
Digital ID: DMC8365-6
Normal Print Dimensions: 44" x 16.6"

[Grandfather Mountain (DMC8777-81)]
Grandfather Mountain
Digital ID: DMC8777-81
Normal Print Dimensions: 60" x 16"

[Globe Valley (DMC9081-2)]
Globe Valley
Digital ID: DMC9081-2
Normal Print Dimensions: 40" x 16.8"

11" x 14" PHOTOS (28)

[Catawba Rhododendron and Split Rail (DSCN0061)]
Catawba Rhododendron and Split Rail
Digital ID: DSCN0061

[Dew on Daisy (DSCN1539)]
Dew on Daisy
Digital ID: DSCN1539

[Monarch on Clover (DSCN7580)]
Monarch on Clover
Digital ID: DSCN7580

[Red Pansy (DSCN9205)]
Red Pansy
Digital ID: DSCN9205

[Blue Pansy (DSCN9208)]
Blue Pansy
Digital ID: DSCN9208

[Bumblebee on Blanket Flower (DSCN9422)]
Bumblebee on Blanket Flower
Digital ID: DSCN9422

[Rainbow Over Blowing Rock (DSCN9888)]
Rainbow Over Blowing Rock
Digital ID: DSCN9888

[Red Rhododendron (DSC0662)]
Red Rhododendron
Digital ID: DSC0662

[Blackberries (DSC4723)]
Digital ID: DSC4723

[Blanket Flower (DSC5430)]
Blanket Flower
Digital ID: DSC5430

[Autumn Reflection (DSC5937)]
Autumn Reflection
Digital ID: DSC5937

[Flat Top Manor in Fall Color (DSC5960)]
Flat Top Manor in Fall Color
Digital ID: DSC5960

[Sugar Maple on Bass Lake (DSC6024)]
Sugar Maple on Bass Lake
Digital ID: DSC6024

[Walk Around Bass Lake (DSC6068)]
Walk Around Bass Lake
Digital ID: DSC6068

[St. Mary of the Hills (DSC0777)]
St. Mary of the Hills
Digital ID: DSC0777

[Two in Tow (DSC0836)]
Two in Tow
Digital ID: DSC0836

[Flame Azalea (DSC0885)]
Flame Azalea
Digital ID: DSC0885

[Catawba Rhododendron (DSC0933)]
Catawba Rhododendron
Digital ID: DSC0933

[Fire Pink (DSC0960)]
Fire Pink
Digital ID: DSC0960

[Purple Butterfly Resting (DSC0990)]
Purple Butterfly Resting
Digital ID: DSC0990

[Lightning in Globe Valley (DMC1907)]
Lightning in Globe Valley
Digital ID: DMC1907

[Water Lily on Bass Lake (DMC2115)]
Water Lily on Bass Lake
Digital ID: DMC2115

[Butterfly on Turk's Cap Lily (DMC3924)]
Butterfly on Turk's Cap Lily
Digital ID: DMC3924

[Thistle Bloom (DMC3956)]
Thistle Bloom
Digital ID: DMC3956

[Swallowtail on Joe Pie (DMC6375)]
Swallowtail on Joe Pie
Digital ID: DMC6375

[American Goldfinch on Thistle (DMC6991)]
American Goldfinch on Thistle
Digital ID: DMC6991

[Deptford Pink (DMC7021)]
Deptford Pink
Digital ID: DMC7021

[Mauve Cosmos (DMC8396)]
Mauve Cosmos
Digital ID: DMC8396

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