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[Familiar Favorites Cover] Familiar Favorites is full of some of the most favorite music of producer Dave Combs -- from other composers. After listening to beautiful music his entire live, playing music since being able to sit on his father's knee, and composing music for over sixteen years, Dave thought it would be great to bring some additional music to you that he finds to be especially beautiful -- and in the instrumental style that Gary Prim and he have originated and continued for almost a decade now. Thousands of you have written to tell Dave and Gary how their special style brings you much pleasure. As Dave and Gary recorded this album it was their intention that this music give you a chance to feel these beautiful familiar favorites with the same expression and movement as they felt when recording them.

We have one sample, Moon River, for you to listen to from this web site.

  1. Misty [3:17]
  2. More [4:27]
  3. If [4:03]
  4. The Shadow of Your Smile [4:08]
  5. Strangers in the Night [4:09]
  6. Memory [3:53]
  7. Somewhere My Love (Lara's Theme) [5:28]
  8. Love Is A Many Splendored Thing [3:50]
  9. Moon RiverMusic [4:37] Play 30 sec Sample
  10. The Way We Were [3:06]
  11. Climb Ev'ry Mountain [4:14]
  12. You Light Up My Life [3:28]
  13. Where Do I Begin (Love Story) [4:00]
  14. We've Only Just Begun [3:52]
  15. The Impossible Dream [3:48]
  16. Feelings [3:09]
  17. There's A Summer Place [2:59]
Total Album Playing Time: [66:35]

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