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[Celebrate Freedom Album Cover] Celebrate Freedom (The Instrumental Album) contains the artistry and unmistakably distinctive style of Gary Prim which once more comes alive in these fourteen spine-tingling arrangements of patriotic songs. Celebrate Freedom will long be a favorite once you hear these arrangements, including one original composition by Dave Combs, Spirit of Peace. (Due to copyright licensing limitations this album can only be shipped to destinations in the USA and its territories.)

We have one sample, America the Beautiful, for you to listen to from this web site.

  1. America the BeautifulMusic [4:21] Play 30 sec Sample
  2. The Wind Beneath My Wings [4:22]
  3. Battle Hymn of the Republic [3:24]
  4. Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor [2:23]
  5. The Star-Spangled Banner [3:26]
  6. God Bless America [3:04]
  7. From a Distance [3:06]
  8. Let There Be Peace on Earth [5:21]
  9. Eternal Father [2:22]
  10. America [3:37]
  11. God Bless the USA [3:45]
  12. This Is My Country [2:46]
  13. This Land Is Your Land [3:10]
  14. Spirit of Peace [3:06] (Written by Dave Combs)
Total Album Playing Time: [48:19]

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