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[Beautiful Thoughts Album Cover] Beautiful Thoughts (Instrumental Melodies of Reflection) is a collection of instrumental melodies containing over forty-six minutes of relaxing and soothing piano and keyboard music -- all composed by Dave Combs and arranged and performed by Gary Prim in the same soothing and relaxing style as the extraordinarily popular Rachel's Song - The Instrumental Album. This recording is the second of Dave's original composition albums. (Be sure and read about the Music Book for Piano that corresponds with this album.)

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  1. Beautiful ThoughtsMusic [5:23] Play 30 sec Sample
  2. Peaceful Places [4:09]
  3. Love Is Always There [2:47]
  4. Look to Your Dreams [4:01]
  5. Rainbows and Dewdrops [3:39]
  6. Serene Blue Sky [3:10]
  7. Winding Pathways [5:04]
  8. Gentle Breezes [3:03]
  9. Dreams of Distant Places [2:48]
  10. Summer Lullaby [2:44]
  11. Morning Sunrise [3:12]
  12. Reflections on Still Water [3:24]
  13. Apple Trees in Bloom [2:50]
Total Album Playing Time: [46:21]

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Piano Transcription Music Book

[Picture of Cover of Music Book] [Picture of One Page of the Piano Music] Beautiful Thoughts - The Instrumental Music Book for Piano contains all thirteen songs from the Beautiful Thoughts album transcribed exactly as arranged and performed by Gary Prim on the corresponding recording. Printed with clear, easy-to-read, uncrowded notes. Chords are included. Spiral bound for easy page turning. Turn on your tape or CD and play right along with the recording.


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